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Each season aligns with a concept or notion that brings understanding, truth, guidance, and overall inspiration to our studio's program.

 ELEVATE: Meaning to raise or lift up into a higher position.  

To raise or lift up your plan to achieve your goals. 

To raise or lift up the opportunity to learn and grow. 

To raise or lift up your creative desire and passion to realize who you were created to be.


Elevate the Spirit within me to continue growing, achieving and experiencing something new each day. 

Elevate the Courage to express the indescribable feelings and desires to fulfill this calling. 

Elevate the Passion within us all and use it as fuel to inspire others' creativity, expression and genuinely champion others. 

Elevate the Love, profound love that supports positive transformation within us all to better serve you and your community. 

Elevate the Joy this season will bring, stepping into a new season, a new beginning, a new opportunity to better ourselves. 


For myself. For others. For YOU.

ELEVATE your Spirit

ELEVATE your Courage

ELEVATE your Passion

ELEVATE your Love

ELEVATE your Joy




To create and foster an environment that values professionalism, hard work, commitment to excellence and artistic development. 


To offer a space that gives dancers a sense of belonging, safety, growth and purpose. We feel honored and blessed to be able to steward a space that can impact the souls of so many young minds. 

dancers making a difference

Our mission and vision are catalysts to ignite change, growth, and opportunity in this world. Each season, our annual concert will not only showcase amazing talent and hard work but also help our community. A portion of all concert ticket sales will be donated to a chosen organization that will provide assistance for kids and families in need due to unforeseen circumstances. Our program is called The Amy Foundation. 

A NOTE from Kristen...

My sister, Amy Mitchell, passed away after a long fought battle against cancer at the age of 15, specifically Osteosarcoma lung metastases. Our goal is to honor her, her opportunity to make change, and the privilege of helping others who continue to fight for their lives. Amy danced. Amy was a hard worker. Amy's legacy deserves to live on and continue to provide change and opportunity to those who are in need. Sharing Amy's story brings healing and we want to honor her love for the arts and others through this foundation. That's what this is about. CHANGE. Could WE make a CHANGE?

                               Lord, I pray we can. 

The Amy Foundation champions all organizations designed to MAKE A DIFFERENCE for children battling critical illnesses, specifically childhood cancer patients who continue to fight the battle. Make A Wish is an amazing organization that grants wishes to children fighting for their lives.  This season our charitable donation will go towards a foundation that provides JOY to children to help overcome the emotional and physical toll of battling a critical illness. 



Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our staff is a team of individuals working together to ensure each dancer is given the highest quality of instruction. We are committed to helping each dancer develop strong minds, bodies and work ethic as they reach their goals within each season. We are committed to each family to ensure your dancer is safe, loved and accountable. 

Lauren Allen
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Kristen Harper
Josephine Morris
Brian Stevens

Vicki Miller

Lauren Schondau
Addison Torres
Ashton Little









Harper Smith


Brooklyn Sarmiento






We are an environmentally friendly studio and communicate electronically with our families. Parents must have an active email address on file.



Children can be dropped off no sooner than 10 minutes before the start of class and must be picked up immediately after class. Supervision of students by studio staff occurs during class time only.  



No food of any kind is allowed in any of the dance studios. Water is the only beverage permitted provided it is in a tightly sealed container. 



Proper dance attire and shoes must be worn during all classes.  Cover ups should be worn in hallways and outside of the studio. Please see the dress code located on our website under “Classes” for more details.



For student safety, unless previously arranged by the instructor, director, or owner no person other than those enrolled in the class will be allowed in classes. 



Registration must be completed online by a parent, legal guardian, or any student over the age of 18 before the start of any class.  There is a $40 non-refundable registration fee required for each dance season. There is also a $15 non-refundable summer registration fee. Tuition plus the registration fee must be paid to complete your registration and secure your spot in class.



Trial classes are available for new students as space permits and at the studio’s discretion. Please request a trial class by contacting the studio: After your initial trial offer, an individual class rate of $25 per 45 minute class and $30 per hour class will be applied until your registration is complete. 



Tuition for classes is broken down yearly into monthly payments for convenience. With the exception of August, which will be pro-rated, your monthly tuition will be the same each month regardless of absences, holidays, or the number of weeks in a given month. All students must be enrolled in our auto-pay program. Tuition will be billed within the first 5 business days of every month. Any tuition not received by the 10th of any given month will incur a $25 late fee. Statements will not be mailed, it is your responsibility to ensure payment is made on time. If you should need to change your form of payment, you may do so in your parent portal or by emailing five days prior to the 1st of month when tuition will be charged. Tuition is non-refundable. We require 30 days written notice if you wish to cancel your class(es). 


In order to experience the full benefits of dance, students are expected to attend class regularly and be on time. Absences can be made up in a comparable class within 14 days of the absence date. Make-ups are non-transferable. We have the right to refuse the use of a make-up class if class size is prohibitive. Only two make-up classes will be approved in any given month. No refunds will be given for absences under any circumstance. Please email with information regarding your absence and request to make up. Please keep in mind, not all classes will have an exact replacement based on age and ability. Refer to the website to view all makeup class offerings. 



The safety of our dancers is our top priority. We will notify parents via email regarding any studio closures or delays due to bad weather. We will also post updates on social media.



In the rare event that a class is canceled due to emergency or teacher illness, a make-up class will be arranged or credit given if a make-up class is not possible. We will notify each student/parent by phone or email as soon as we are made aware of the situation.



Students should make sure all personal belongings are labeled and stored in the designated areas during classes. Harlen House is not responsible for lost or damaged personal belongings.



23-24 HHOD Holiday Calendar.png


Harlen House Senior Class of 2024 are invited to participate in our Senior Squad Leadership Program:


IGNITE the leadership


These students are committed to igniting the leadership qualities within their teams and dancers associated within our entire program. This program exposes the true leadership qualities within each student to promote and share characteristics such as hard work, responsibility, kindness, honesty, bravery and so many more. 

Program Perks

Group choreography opportunity for performances (competitions TBD)

Social media takeover

Harlen House leadership gear

Volunteer hours

End of Season content video


All participants must be enrolled in 3+ hours at Harlen House of Dance

All participants are exclusively graduating seniors in high school

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